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Payroll Amendments FAQ

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When should I file a payroll amendment?

Anytime an error is found after a payroll report has been processed (payment has been applied). Misclassification, Shortage/Overage of hours or gross wages, Etc.

How do I file a payroll amendment?

  1. Click on “Payroll Reporting” > “File Payroll Reports”
  2. Click “Completed Reports”
  3. Select a date in the applicable “Work Month”
  4. Click “Get Reports”
  5. Click on the “Amend” button to the left of the applicable “Work Month”
  6. Make the correction
  7. Click the “Update” button to recalculate benefits.
    • The figures in parenthesis are the hours and benefits based on the correction.
      • Positive figures indicate additional owed.
      • Negative figures indicate a potential refund.
    • Additional owed will not be offset by a potential refund. Refunds are at the discretion of each benefit fund office.
  8. Add a brief note explaining the correction.
  9. Click “Checkout”
    • If Additional is owed:
      • Click “Print Invoices”
      • Click “Submit Report”
      • Issue payment directly to the KECF office.
      • The amendment and additional owed will be released to the correct benefit fund offices.
    • If a Refund is due:
      • Contact each benefit fund office to request the overpayment be refunded to your firm.
    • If both additional is owed and a refund is due:
      • If both additional is owed and a refund is due, treat each one separately as instructed above. The refund should not be withheld from the additional owed.
  10. Whenever an error is found be sure to verify the affected employee is reported correctly on preceding and subsequent reports.

Why doesn’t a refund due offset additional owed?

What if the benefit fund office discovers the error?

If a benefit fund office discovers an error and you are invoiced or refunded, please be sure to file an amendment and contact the KECF office even though the error has already been corrected. This ensures the employee records used in the course of benefit auditing will be accurate.