The NECA Contractor Advantage

It is important that you select an electrical contractor that you can trust. When considering companies, be sure to ask about their training program, safety records, the size of their workforce, insurance, and bonding capacity. Remember, NECA contractors measure up to all of these standards. There may be several reasons why you should choose a NECA member for your next electrical construction project, but the bottom line is that we will ensure your peace of mind. You can trust that you have selected a qualified contractor when you select a NECA contractor. NECA members have made a commitment to the industry through the following activities:

NECA Contractors Manage Well-Trained Employees

NECA contractors have made a commitment toward continuing education for themselves and their employees. The electricians hired by NECA contractors have the experience and education necessary to meet the demands of today and tomorrow's construction industry.

NECA Contractors Strive for Top Safety Records

NECA contractors have strict safety policies. They realize that neglecting safety habits can lead to accidents and cause missed deadlines as well as strained budgets. NECA contractors have the insurance necessary to cover job-site injuries, which reduces your responsibility for accidents and the downtime from lost productivity.

NECA Contractors Maintain Strong Workforces

NECA contractors have the capability to accommodate any size and difficulty of a project. If the job requirements change, NECA contractors can make the adjustments to successfully complete the project. NECA electricians have the training and skills you would expect for a job well done. Most have completed a five-year training program or have attended an accredited vocational school.

NECA Contractors Take Pride in Every Job

NECA contractors own businesses that have the capital and retained earnings to demonstrate stability. You can rely on NECA contractors to do the work properly and trust that NECA contractors will complete your project before moving on to another job. You can also be assured that NECA contractors will be there for job maintenance as well as for the electrical construction on your next project.

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