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Risk Management Corner: Cyber-security and Small Business

19 Jul 2017

It’s nearly impossible these days for businesses to operate without the help of Internet-connected devices, which exposes them to cybercrime. It’s the small- to medium-sized businesses, however, that are especially vulnerable: half are victims of cybercrime and nearly two-thirds of those victims go out of business.1 Hackers increasingly target small businesses because there is a low risk they will be caught and a high probability they will be successful. 

OSHA’s Final Rule to Protect Workers from Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica

14 Jul 2017

OSHA has issued a final rule to curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease in America's workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. The rule is enforceable as of September 23, 2017, for construction standards.  NECA National is offering an educational webinar and Milwaukee Tools is releasing a complimentary product line.

Kansas NECA Golf Tournament and Affiliate Showcase is a Win

11 Jul 2017

The Kansas NECA Golf Tournament and Affiliate Showcase was held on Friday, June 9, at the Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, KS.  

Risk Management Corner: The Heat is On

27 Jun 2017

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! Unless you work outdoors, that is. Then it’s both. Working outside on a nice summer day can be a pleasure. But if your job takes you outdoors when it’s hot and humid, it can stop being pleasurable and become downright dangerous. In 2015 alone, 37 workers died and 2,010 were injured from environmental heat exposure.

Safe + Sound Week

23 May 2017

Safe +Sound Week is a national campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces.

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